Impact Analysis of Normalized Revealed Comparative Advantageon ASEAN’s Non-Oil and Gas Export Pattern Using Gravity-Model Approach

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Umar Fakhrudin, Fithra Faisal Hastiadi
The development of global economic challenges hasforced ASEAN countries to further deepen its economic integration within the ASEAN Economic Cooperation (AEC) and to incorporate several ASEAN Plus agreements into Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). Under thiscircumstance, the ASEAN members need to distinguish how the difference in comparative advantage of each export commodity affects and influences the pattern of ASEAN’s non-oil exports. This study attempts to identify the impact of comparative advantage, represented by Normalized Revealed Comparative Advantage (NRCA) index, on the non-oil export pattern of the ASEAN countries using the augmented gravity model as its research method. The results indicate that comparative advantage has a positive influence on ASEAN’s non-oil exports and that the comparative advantages in agricultural commodities have the biggest influence.


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