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IE Department History

The Department of Economics of the FEB UI was started in 1952, on January 15, to be exact. The date marked the development and transfer of the Department of Social Economics, which was previously under the Faculty of Law, to FEUI, became known as the General Department and the Sociology Department of Economics. Accordingly, FEB UI has three departments, namely General, Sociology, and Economics and Corporate Economics. The year was later recorded as the basis for the formation of the Department of Economics as known today.

In the following year, the Department of State Finance and Government Organization was established. In 1963/1964, FEB UI opened a new department, Government Economics. Drs. Daoed Joesoef was appointed as the head of department. In 1978, the Department of General Economics and the Department of Government Economics were merged into the Department of Economics and Development Studies (IESP). Since early 2004, the Department of Economics and Development Studies became the Department of Economics.

Since mid-2009, the Department of Economics, FEB UI, has been in charge of: 1) S1 Economics Study Program, 2) Masters & Doctoral Program in Economics (within the scope of the Postgraduate Program in Economics, PPIE), and 3) Masters of Public Policy Planning ( MPKP). Several research institutions, such as the Institute for Economic and Social Research (LPEM) and the Demographic Institute (LD), which were previously coordinated by the DIE, are now being directly under the direction of FEB UI.

Following are FEB UI lecturers who were once chaired the Department of Economics:


Prof. Dr. Nathanael Iskandar Period 1957-1959
Prof. Glassburner Period 1960-1962
Prof. Dr. Ali Wardhana Period 1962-1963
Prof. Dr. Daoed Joesoef Period 1962-1964 (Umum & Pemerintahan)
Prof. Drs. Barli Halim, MBA Period 1963-1964 (Pemerintahan)
Drs. Kartono Goenawan, M. Sc Period 1 September 1963-1964(Umum)
Prof. Dr. Kartono Wirosoehardjo Period 1964-1967 (Umum)
Prof. Dr. Suhadi Mangkusuwondo Period November 1967-31 Januari 1970 (Umum)
Prof. Dr. Sumardi Reksoputranto Period 1968-1970 (Pemerintahan)
Prof. Dr. J.E. Ismael Period 1968-1970 (Pemerintahan)
Dra. Kadariah, MPA Period 1968-1970 (Pemerintahan)
Drs. Marjono Danusaputro, MBA Period November 1970-1973
Prof. Dr. Dorojatun Kuntjoro-Jakti 1.   1973-1974 (Umum)


2.   1982-1984 (ESP)

Prof. Dr. Sri Edi Swasono 1.   1970-1976 (Pemerintahan)


2.   1974-1976 (Umum)

Drs. Suntoro Isman, MAPA Period 1976-1978 (Pemerintahan)
Prof.  Dr. Rustam Didong Period 1976-1981 (ESP)
Prof. Dr. Iwan Jaya Azis Period Maret 1984-September 1991(ESP)
Dr. N. Haidy A. Pasay Period September 1991- April 1995 (ESP)
Faisal H. Basri, SE, MA Period April 1995-Oktober 1998 (IESP)
Dr. Ninasapti Triaswati Period Oktober  1998- Desember 2002 (IESP)
Dr. Bambang PS. Brodjonegoro Period Desember 2002-April 2005 (IE)
Prof. Dr. Robert A. Simanjuntak Period Juli 2005-Juni 2009 (IE)
Prof. Suahasil Nazara, PhD. Period Juli 2009- Desember 2012 (IE)
Dr. Beta Y. Gitaharie Period Januari 2013-Juni 2013 (IE)
Dr. Hera Susanti Period Juli 2013- Maret 2018 (IE)
Teguh Dartanto, Ph.D. Period April 2018- 2020 (IE)

Vid Adrison, Ph.D. Period 2020 – Now (IE)