ASEAN-China Economic Relations: A View from Indonesia

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Maddaremmeng A. Panennungi


This paper is aimed at providing current condition of ASEAN-China Economic relation and showing the prospect for future economic relation between ASEAN (especially Indonesia) with China. Methods of this paper is focused on qualitative analysis and supported by simple statistics. There are some important highlighted from this paper: (1) One of the main concerns of the most ASEAN countries is the negative bilateral trade balance with China. (2) It is predicted that Asia will reemerge as the largest economy in the world and ASEAN and China will be part of the reemergence. China and Indonesia are the two largest economies in ACFTA. (3) Despite the current short run problems of the China and Indonesia economy, long term economic prospects are still better. One of the drivers could be the development of infrastructure in Mainland Silk Roads and Maritime Silk Road in China and integrated infrastructure development in Indonesia, especially Maritime Axis development. (4) Services is needed to join the global production network/global supply chains in ASEAN and China. (5) However, several challenges that should be faced to secure the future economic and non economic relation. Non economic problems, especially the tension in South China Sea between China and its neighbors should be solved or at least the tension should not move into open conflict.



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