APEC 2020: Multiplepaths to Attain the Bogor Goals

Select Language: Indonesia

Maddaremmeng A. Panennungi

This paper is aimed at providing description of the Bogor Goals and the detail pathways to attain iy by 2020. By using the literature survey, especially the original documents related to the Bogor Goals, some previous studies, and descriptive data, this paper find out some conclusions. First, it is not easy to measure the achievement of Bogor Goals because there is no specific definition which encourage multi-interpretations; second, in the beginning, the pathways to achieve the Bogor Goals have been arranged through multilateral liberalization (WTO) and Osaka Action Agenda (Individual and Collective Action Plans), however, there are new path that have been agreed later by APEC Economic Leaders in Yokohama (2010), namely FTAAP (Free Trade Area of Asia Pacific). Third, the current situation shows that there are many competing patterns toward FTAAP and those patterns could lead to diverting APEC economies or realizing the true FTAAP to achieve the Bogor Goals.


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